Hair Tile

Device for collecting hair in the shower


Hair tile

The invention is a device for collecting hair in the shower.

The aim is to prevent loose hair from getting caught in the fingers and clogging the drain.

Short description of the invention

It often happens with long hair that loose hair hangs in the fingers while showering and then sticks to the bathroom tiles or is flushed down the drain.

The innovative hair tile prevents these scenarios by being placed directly inside the shower. There, the hair is collected in a removable close-meshed net. The fingers can be wiped over the small brush device at the upper end of the hair tile to free them from loose hair.

Both the brush and the net can be detached from the device by means of a clip closure and can thus be easily emptied and cleaned.

Advantages of the invention


pleasant shower

Loose hair is collected on the hair tile during the shower and no longer gets in the way between the fingers.

Thus, the hair is not distributed all over the body or in the shower, but is collected specifically in the net of the invention.

No Pipe Blockage

Hair likes to clog the drain. Thanks to the invention, the hair now ends up directly in the waste and the blockage of the drain is prevented.

Now it is also possible to do without strong chemical drain cleaners. Therefore the invention turns out environmentally friendly as well.


The net and the brush can be quickly removed from the hair tile and the hair can be disposed of in the bin after showering.

This keeps the shower clean without hair sticking everywhere.

Easy installation

The hair tile is simply attached in the shower by means of adhesion or a plug-in system.

It is intended that the hair tile can also be removed from the shower without leaving any residue, e.g. to be attached to another tile.

Field of Application:
Shower & BathTub

Whether in the shower or next to the bathtub - the hair tile is a practical device that greatly simplifies the collection of loose hair.

Thanks to the invention, less loose hair finds its way into the drain of the shower or bathtub and thus drain blockages can be better prevented.

The application of the hair tile is uncomplicated and can be used by showering people of all ages. For children, a playful design is also conceivable to encourage them to use the hair tile.

The hair tile ensures a clean shower in an uncomplicated and effective way. 

3D Visualisation


Property right

Utility Model Protection

Type of protection: GER Utility Model Protection

Reference number: 20 2021 001 542

Date of registration: 27.04.2021

Main claim: A device for collecting hair in the shower, characterised in that it consists of a brush-like strip (1) which is attached by a clip fastener to the upper edge of the tile (2) and a close-meshed collecting net (3) which is attached by a clip fastener around the lower edge to a tile (2).

Fig. 1

shows the tile (2) with the net (3) at the bottom and the brush-like device (1) at the top of the tile. 

Fig. 2 

shows the process of cleaning the net (3). The net (3) is simply removed and after throwing away the hair in the bin, it is hung back on the tile (2).

Fig. 3

clearly shows how to replace the brush piece (1) with the normal plug-in part (4). The strip can be removed and reattached with a simple clip fastener, just like the net (3).



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